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Shanghai Katalor has 20 year experience of steel products manufacturing and exporting. Our cooperated customers come from countries and areas like South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We sincerely service every customer. Whether you cooperate with us or not, we will provide the high-quality steel solutions for you.

Katalor unchangeable concept not only guides the development of every employee but also instruct our behavior. "Customers are always right, and we need to constantly improve ourselves." This motto inspires every Katalor member constantly innovating !

The following pattern is a KTL made by katalor employees.

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What is SPCC Steel and SPHC steel? --- BEBON galvanized ...

SPCC and SPHC are symbols used by the Japanese Industrial of Standards to define steel sheets. The main difference between these two types of steels is the method of production. SPCC refers to COLD rolled steel whereas SPHC refers to HOT rolled steel (with all that it means: Properties, grain size, etc).

SPCC vs. SGCC vs. SECC steel for computer cases

- SPCC is "commercial quality, cold rolled carbon steel" per Japanese standard JIS G3141, so you might want to obtain that specification. - SGCC is probably hot dip galvanized. Although some say that the "CC" stands for chromate coated, I disbelieve that and assume it means "cold rolled, coil" or "cold rolled, commercial quality".

SPCC steel,SPCC steel sheet | Shanghai Royal Industry

JIS G3141 SPCC steel sheet, steel strip, under JIS G3141 standard, JIS G3141 SPCC steel sheet, steel strip is a kind of cold rolled carton steel sheet and steel strip, the main characteristics of this steel are low or very low carton, it contain fine grain and Ti, Nb alloy elements. it has a wide application in auto body, gear, transmission shaft, pinion steel, crankshaft, cold forging steel for standardized parts and …

JIS SPCC and SPHC grade steels - ProZ

SPCC and SPHC are symbols used in the Japanese Industrial Standards for steel sheets. A major difference between the two types of steels is the method of production. SPCC refers to COLD rolled steel whereas SPHC refers to HOT rolled steel.

JIS G 3141 Commercial Cold Rolled SPCC Steels

What is SPCC Steels? SPCC steel is a commercial quality cold rolled steel. SPCC is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3141 standard. As a basic Carbon Steel it can be enumerated in dead mild steel. What is JIS G 3141? JIS G 3141 is a Japanese material standard for cold rolled steel.

SPCC Steel Quality Aspects Explained For Consumers

Conformance of mechanical properties: Hardness, Yield Point, Tensile Strength, elongation, bendability, and draw-ability are all mechanical properties of SPCC Steel. These JIS G 3141 defines hardness and elongation of SPCC steel. The hardness of different SPCC temper grade is defined in table 7 & 8.[PDF]

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC ...

SPILL PREVENTION, CONTROL, AND COUNTERMEASURE (SPCC) REGULATION 40 CFR part 112 A Facility Owner/Operator’s Guide to Oil Pollution Prevention

JIS G 3141 SPCC Steel,SPCC Steel Chemical Composition ...

SPCC Steel Chemical Composition: JIS G 3141 defines the chemical composition of SPCC steels as under: Maximum percentage of Carbon (C) is 0.15 percent. Maximum percentage of …

請問SECC 、SGCC、SPCC各代表什麼? | Yahoo奇摩知識+

Translate this pageApr 03, 2007· 請問SECC 、SGCC、SPCC各代表什麼? SECC 、SGCC、SPCC ... SPHC 是 代 表 熱 軋 鋼 卷 ( Steel - Plate - HotRolled - Coil ) 。Status: Resolved

SPHCとSPCCに違いについて -SPHCとSPCCに違いについて- そ …› …› その他(ビジネス・キャリア)Translate this pageSPHCとSPCC ... めっき鋼板の事です。耐食性などに優れます。亜鉛めっき鋼板には電気亜鉛めっき鋼板(secc ...

South Piedmont Community College

Thank you for your interest in South Piedmont Community College. Your first step to your future at SPCC begins here. Your choice to apply is the beginning of an unforgettable and rewarding experience, and we stand beside you as you begin this new journey.

SPCC Steel Quality Aspects Explained For Consumers

SPCC Steel is used commercially as ... SPCC Steel Quality Aspects Explained For Consumers. ... Also the chemical composition of hot rolled SPHC steel that produces ...

SPCC cold rolled steel --- BEBON galvanized steel ...

SPCC is the grade of Japanese standard (JIS) Cold-reduced carbon steel sheets and strips SPCC ,S mean for steel, P mean for plate, C means for cold rolled,C mean for common. heat treatment condition : A-annealing S-annealing +smooth ,8-(1/8) hardness

SPCC : 鉄板のオーダー加工・販売専門店

teppan-ichiba› 鉄板Translate this page鉄板の加工・販売専門店です。一般的な鋼板であるspccを1mm ... sphc(黒皮) secc ...


Translate this pagespcc与sphc区别 - spcc 与 sphc 区别 热轧是在将钢板较高的温度下轧制成相对薄一点的钢板; ... secc、spcc、sphc具体含 ...[PDF]


cold rolled steel sheet cold rolled steel sheet 1103r(0703) jtr printed in japan notice ... g3141 spcc spcd spce a109 a1008 bs1449 part1 din1623-2 bs en10130 din en10130

Knowledge - TCRSS

sphc , spcc ต่างกันยังงัย ต้องการปั้มชิ้นส่วนเครื่องใช้ไฟฟ้า ... secc ...

SPHCとSPCCの製造方法や特性の違い : 機械設計メモ

Translate this page「sphcとspccの製造方法や特性の違い」についての記事です。今日も一生懸命書いていますよ。

素材選び | 日本電気化学株式会社

Translate this pagesphc: 熱間圧延軟鋼板。表面には厚い酸化被膜がついている。 secc (ボンデ) spcc ...

SS400とSPCC(SPHC)の選定にお困りの方はこちら | メカ設計の …

micai100› 設計のツボTranslate this page板材を使って部品を構想するとき、あなたはどのような材料選定を行っていますか?特にss400とspccとは同じ板材であり、板厚もよく似たものがありますよね。

鋼材について。 - ・SPHCとSPCCは、名称上、熱間か冷間の違 …› …› サイエンス› 工学Translate this page・sphcとspccは、名称上、熱間か冷間の違いのようですが、具体的にどのように工程が違うんでしょうか。 ... 鋼材のsecc, ...

SPCCの規格、板厚、成分、比重、寸法・サイズ、引張強さ|冷 …

Translate this pagehome > 加工材料の性質と特徴 > 冷間圧延鋼板の特徴と規格、機械的性質|spcc、spcd、spce、spcf、spcg > spccの規格、板厚、成分、比重、寸法・サイズ、引張強さ|冷間圧延鋼板

SECC,SGCC,SPCC镀锌有什么区别?分别应用在什么地方?_百度 …

Translate this page2017-12-24 spcc,secc,sgcc,sphc各自的特点和区别是什么... 2017-11-24 spcc与secc ...

SS400とSPCCの違い -SS400とSPCCって,何が違うんでしょう …› …› その他(ビジネス・キャリア)Translate this page3 sphcとspccに違いについて 4 ss400に3.2mmってあるのでしょうか 5 ss400 の ...

SPCC、SECC、SGCC 的差异性_百度文库

Translate this pagespcc、secc、sgcc 的差異性 、 、 我們通常所說的板材,是指薄鋼板(帶) ;而所謂的薄鋼板,是指板材厚度小於 4mm 的鋼板,它分為熱軋板和冷軋板。

SPHC : 鉄板のオーダー加工・販売専門店

teppan-ichiba› 鉄板Translate this page黒皮と呼ばれる鋼板sphcを1mm単位でオーダーサイズ購入可能です。 ... spcc、sphc-p に比べ、錆び ... sphc(黒皮) secc ...

SECCとは,SEHC等|電気亜鉛 ... - nagai-giken

Translate this pagejis規格/電気亜鉛めっき鋼板及び鋼帯 jis g 3313:2005/secc,板厚,厚さ,試験,付着,メッキ,コイル,記号,質量,板,圧延など/資料館(鋼材・材料):薄板精密板金加工

SPHC与SPCC的区别 5 - 百度知道

Translate this pagesphc与spcc是否只是热轧与冷轧的区别? ... 2017-12-24 spcc,secc,sgcc,sphc各自的特点和区别是什么... 2016-12-02 dc01跟sphc ...

SPHCがSPCCよりも 機能上すぐれている部分は何かあるので …› …› サイエンス› 工学Translate this pagesphcがspccよりも 機能上すぐれている部分は何かあるのでしょうか?強いとかいろいろ。 またspccが sphcより優れている部分もありますか?

SPCC,SECC,SGCC等-鋼板 - bkeye

Translate this pagespcc-冷間圧延鋼板、secc-電気亜鉛めっき鋼板、sgcc-溶融亜鉛めっき鋼板などの板金加工実例の一覧。薄板鋼板の名称・種類・サイズ・記号・規格などの説明も。

SECC - shisakubankinkakou

Translate this pageseccとは電気亜鉛めっきを施した冷間圧延鋼板(spcc)で、板金・プレス加工の材料に用いられる。母材はspcc ...


Translate this pagespcc原是日本标准(jis)的“一般用冷轧碳钢薄板及钢带”钢材名称,现在许多国家或企业直接用来表示自己生产的同类钢材(如宝钢q/bqb402标准就有spcc)。

What does "SECC" mean: zinc-plated steel sheet?

What does "SECC" mean: zinc-plated steel sheet? ... What is the difference between SPCC versa SECC? ... (steel Plate) SPHC-P and SPHC ?

Spcc Material Specification, Spcc Material ... - Alibaba

alibaba› …› material specificationSpcc Material Specification, Wholesale Various High Quality Spcc Material Specification Products from Global Spcc Material Specification Suppliers and Spcc Material Specification Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba.

SPCC,SECC,SGCC鋼板などの板金加工例 - bk83

Translate this pagespcc,secc,sgcc鋼板(鉄板)等の板金加工例. 精密板金 wiz トップ > 板金加工等 製品サンプル > spcc,secc,sgcc鋼板等の板金加工例 spcc冷間圧延鋼板、secc電気亜鉛めっき鋼板(ボンデ鋼板)、sgcc溶融亜鉛めっき鋼板などの精密板金・板金加工実例・製品サンプルの紹介。

鉄板(スチール-SPCC/SGCC/SPHC/SECC/SS400)の販売!金 …

Translate this page取り扱い材質:spcc・secc・sgcc・sphc・ss400 板厚:0.5mm~20.0mm 価格:仕入値により、随時変動いたします ご購入にあたり、「購入方法」を良く読みご理解の上、ご注文下さい。[PDF]


JIS G3141 COLD REDUCED CARBON STEEL SHEETS AND STRIP (1996) 1. Classification and Chemical Composition ... SPCC As-Annealed SPCC-A General Use Commercial

해강스틸 - 홈페이지

Translate this page강판의 종류 (scp, sgcc, secc, sphc, sghc) ... spcc: a366-91:

SPCC/SECC/SPHC三种材料的区别是什么 - 深圳实力兴公司

Translate this pagesecc是耐指纹板. spcc是冷轧钢板 . sphc是镀锌版 * 以上信息仅供参考,如果您需要解决具体问题,请电话联络我公司 0755-84898255-8009(朱明洁,技术咨询专用)

SECCの機械的性質 -

Translate this pageseccは電気亜鉛メッキした鋼板の一つで、jis規格で定められた材料です。冷間圧延鋼板であるspccを元に、そこに電気亜鉛メッキした鋼種です。

鉄金属板のご購入 板曲げ アルミ/ステンレス/鉄の加工と販売

Translate this pagesphc-p. 酸洗(サンセン)と呼ばれ、sphc材(熱間圧延鋼板で黒皮皮膜付き)を酸で洗い黒皮皮膜を除去したもの ... secc. spcc を ...

SPCCとは|冷間圧延鋼板・鋼帯 ... - nagai-giken

Translate this page冷間圧延鋼板及び鋼帯(spcc、spcd、spce、spcf、spcg) 引用元 : jis g 3141:2005 冷間圧延鋼板及び鋼帯

SPCC,SPHC > JIS SPCC and SPHC grade steels

Translate this pageSPCC and SPHC are symbols used in the Japanese Industrial Standards for steel sheets. A major difference between the two types of steels is the method of production.

機構設計產品設計工業設計_設計風_SECC 鍍鋅鋼板

Translate this pagesecc 鍍鋅鋼板 (上列參考圖片取自網路) secc是以冷軋鋼捲為原料,於表面鍍上鋅層,利用鋅金屬與鐵金屬之電位差原理來造成鋼品防蝕、抗酸、防繡等功能,鍍鋅鋼板(secc)為現有電腦機殼,較常使用材 …

Jual plat besi galvanil,galvanis,spcc-sd,sphc-po,secc,spcc-un

pt. asia mega mandiri jual plat besi murah galvanil, sphc-po, spcc-sd / plat putih, spcc-un, secc, sgcc, galvanis potongan standar, slitting, coil, avalan[PDF]

JIS G3141 Cold-reduced carbon steel sheets and strip

SPCC Commercial quality SPCD Drawing quality SPEC Deep drawing quality Remarks 1. When the steel sheet and coil of standard temper grade and as-annealed on in quality SPCC are requested by the purchaser to guarantee tensile test values, letter symbol T shall be suffixed to the symbol of quality, thus appears SPCCT. 2.

SPCC-SD 冷間圧延鋼板 ダル仕上げ(dull finish) つや消し(梨地 …

Translate this pageSPCC-SD 冷間圧延鋼板 ダル仕上げ(dull finish) つや消し ... SPHC/熱間圧延軟鋼板 ... SECC/電気亜鉛めっき鋼板

SECC & SGCC 材質比較... | Facebook - zh-tw.facebook

Translate this page價格是不一定的,偶有spcc比secc的原材價還貴的時候。03年冬季就有spcc短缺現像,價格漲高於secc.

What's the difference between SGCC Steel and SECC Steel …› …› Other - Computers› NextMay 15, 2007· SPCC is commercial quality, cold rolled as per Japanese standard JIS G3141 and is not galvanized. So both SECC and SGCC should be galvanized (zinc coated) high carbon steels, and differ primarily in how the zinc coating is applied.Status: Resolved

Sorrys - Daum 블로그

· Translate this pagespcc, 열간, 냉간, 압연강판,

不鏽鋼、鍍鋅鋼材種類介紹與應用 -

Translate this pagesecc介紹: ... 冷軋鋼板沒有鍍鋅層,為鍍鋅板的底材,分為spcc (一般折壓成形加工用鋼)、 spcd ... sphc * 降低能耗 ...

鈑金常用之材料說明: -

Translate this pagesphc 熱軋鋼板系 列 ... 模具,故熱軋鋼板需經過酸洗、壓延、電鍍等製程,才成為一般廣泛使用沖壓用材料 (例: spcc 、 secc ...

SECCの機械的性質 -

Translate this pageseccは電気亜鉛メッキした鋼板の一つで、jis規格で定められた材料です。冷間圧延鋼板であるspccを元に、そこに電気亜鉛メッキした鋼種です。

鉄板広場 - SPCC(鉄板)|Yahoo!ショッピング

Translate this page鉄板 spccの取り扱いページです。サイズ、板厚に合わせてご購入いただけます。:鉄板広場 - 通販 ... sphc(黒皮) secc ...Reviews: 155

SPHC,SPHD steel plate - steel-plate-sheet

JIS G3131 SPHC/SPHD steel plate/sheet,JIS G3131 SPHC/SPHD steel plate/sheet, under JIS standard, we can regard SPHE steel plate/sheet as stamping and cold forming steels.JIS G3131 SPHC/SPHD is mainly used as stamping and cold forming steels.

Sphc Material Specification, Sphc Material ... - Alibaba

alibaba› …› material specificationSphc material specification products are most popular in Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Asia. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 13 with Other, 3 with ISO9001, and 1 with OHSAS18001 certification.

機構設計產品設計工業設計_設計風_SPCC 冷軋鋼板

Translate this pagespcc 冷軋鋼板是 ... sphc 熱軋鋼板 spcc 冷軋鋼板 secc ...

SPCC/SECC/SPHC三种材料的区别是什么 - 深圳实力兴公司

Translate this pagesecc是耐指纹板. spcc是冷轧钢板 . sphc是镀锌版 * 以上信息仅供参考,如果您需要解决具体问题,请电话联络我公司 0755-84898255-8009(朱明洁,技术咨询专用)


ทางบริษัทอัศว เม็ททอล (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด ได้มีการจัดจำหน่าย เหล็กแผ่นขาวรีดเย็น (cold rolled steel sheets) ภายใต้ spec, spcc ของ และ spcc-sd ของ

Welcome to the website of CSC Steel Group

CSC STEEL Holdings Berhad manufacturing and marketing of steel products, namely cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils and pre-painted galvanized steel coils.

About Us - SPCC

SPCC has provided more than 15 years of consultancy ... (Phu My Hung) New Urban Area, and The Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre (SECC) ... About Us. Company ...

냉간 / 열간 압연 강판 규격 (SPCC) - Daum 블로그

Translate this pageApr 21, 2016· spcc, 냉간, 압연강판, 강판규격,

SPCC素材は加工後にサビが発生しますが、防錆処理を行って頂 …

Translate this pageはい、メッキ処理や、塗装処理を施します。 spccのまま納品希望の場合は、 油を塗布致しまして、納品させて頂きます。

鋼捲專業-義方行鋼鐵 -

Translate this page鐵板、光板、磨光鐵板、spcc、spcf jisg3141、en10130 dc01~05、aisi1008、 sae1008 、鍍鋅板、secc、jisg3313 : ... sphc. g3131 sphc. a36 a283 ...

板金豆知識 | 精密板金の大川製作所

Translate this page鉄は最も広範囲の用途において使用される材料spcc ... に表面処理加工が施してある材料secc ... 圧延軟鋼鈑(SPHC ...

SPCC - Definition by AcronymFinder

Meaning of SPCC. What does SPCC stand for? SPCC abbreviation. Define SPCC at AcronymFinder. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools

Thép cán nóng SPHC PO JIS G 3131 - congnghiepsaothuy

thép cán nóng sphc po jis g 3131 ... thÉp mẠ ĐiỆn secc ; bÁo giÁ ; thÉp cÁn nguỘi spcc-sd ; thÉp mẠ kẼm sgcc jis g3302 ; dÂy thÉp mẠ kẼm

鉄板 SPCC|ステンレス板・アルミ板・鉄板の加工販売【切り板 …

itachoku› オーダーサイズ(通常便)Translate this pageパイプ・フラットバー・アングル・縞板など各種材料を取り揃えております。鉄板 spcc ... spcc; sphc-p; sphc; secc;

SECC metal - [Solved] - Components - Tom's Hardware

Mar 18, 2012· hey guys recently I've been looking at new cases and when i look next to were it says "materials:" sometimes it just says "SECC" now what is SECC? is it a …

SPHC - Steel grades

This page provides SPHC datasheet download, these include SPHC mechanical properties, chemical element SPHC, technical specifications of SPHC steel material properties.[PDF]

U003en Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets and Coils

Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets and Coils are extensively used as basic materials in automobiles, electrical appliances, steel office equipment, ... SPCC SPCCT (*1)

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